Thursday, August 4, 2016

Brewstillery 2 @ Stormbreaker

Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride plays in Stormbreaker's patio. The atmosphere is every bit as eclectic-Portland-hip as anticipated.

 Barley Brown's Twisted Whisker Scotch Ale from Baker City paired with the 5-Year Ram Rye Whiskey of Beaverton's Stein Distillery = the Twisted Rye Whisker. The Mitten Slap = Safety Word IPA from the Breakside Brewery paired with Townshend's Bluebird (76 proof) from Thomas & Sons Distillery. These are the stand-out pairings in a cornucopia of grand tasty combos. I can describe and catalogue all the local offerings in another post, but for now I have to wonder where all the women are at. Every imbiber is a bearded bro in horn-rimmed glasses and a Where's Waldo? hat. Onward to the beer fests of summer.

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